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The American Goethe Society of Washington, DC is a literary and cultural organization founded to promote and encourage the study and enjoyment of German culture, including literature, language, art, music, and philosophy.

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"Wer vieles bringt, wird manchem etwas bringen." -
(Who offers much, brings something unto many.) 
Goethe's Faust, Prolog auf dem Theater, Vers 97 / Direktor –
Below is a partial list of lectures and literature discussions presented by the American Goethe Society starting from its reincarnation by Irmgard Wagner in 2004 and continuing through Spring 2015. Thank you, presidents Irmgard Wagner, Erika Joyce, Marian Graham, and Brigitte Fessenden! Thank you volunteers who helped them! Special recognition also goes to the Goethe Institut for its assistance in promoting these events and making their facilities available to AGS. Lectures continue in September 2015 and beyond. Be there!
 John Loth AGS Webmeister 2011—2015 

Faust Lecture & Faust Opera Lecture*
Kant's Essay "Zum Ewigen Frieden"
The Relevance of Kant for American
In Stahlgewittern (Storm of Steel) by 
   Ernst Jünger
German Graphic Artists and German
   Culture: From Holbein to Heckel
Schiller, Poet of Freedom*
"Animal Triste" by Monika Maron
Woven Marvels: Tapestries in German
Goethe's Iphegenie on Tauris 
Friedrich Nietzsche: A Critique of Values
Elfriede Jelinek, Prinzessinnendramen
Cornelia Funke & Youth Literature
Märchenfest: Significance of Fairy Tales
   for Contemporary Scholarship* 
Hermann Hesse: Märchen
Caspar David Friedrich
Immanuel Kant on Human Freedom vs
   Scientific Determinism.
Gottfried Keller's Romeo und Julia auf dem      Dorfe
Illustrated Poetry by Wilhelm Busch & J          von Goethe*
Daniel Kehlmann, "Die Vermessung der 
Franz Kafka: "Amerika"
Paula Modersohn-Becker: Pioneer in
   German Modernism
Schopenhauer's Theory of Mortality
Literature and the Art of Landscape
Heinrich von Kleist "Das Erdbeben in Chili"
"The Black Spider" by Jeremias Gotthelf
Max Beckmann, German Expressionism
"The Rider on the White Horse"—Theodore    Storm
Hegel's Romance with Reason
Lessing and the Enlightenment *

Video Feature on Schiller and the German Language
An AGS member recites Schiller's Der Taucher. Click blue text above.
Händel, Haydn, and Mendelssohn:
E.T.A. Hoffmann, Author of the Tales
Wassily Kandinsky and the Rise of 
Vocal Music of Robert Schumann*
Cultural Transformations: Berlin in the
   20th Century
Balduin Möllhausen: Travel Books and
   Best Sellers about America 
Ernst Bloch: Mysticism and Hope
'Undine' or —The Enduring Enchantment
Seminar about Life and Work of Heinrich
   von Kleist*
Dürer and the Idea of the Artist in the
The Instrumental Genius of W.A. Mozart
Schinkel, von Klenze, and the Grecian
   Image in Europe and America
E.T.A. Hoffman and the Censors or— The
   Meister Floh Affair
F.W.J. Schelling: From Romantic Science          to Human Freedom
Schiller's Jungfrau von Orleans*
Geistiger Kunstverkehr or— Goethe's
   Concept of  Art Collections 
Bauhaus to Harvard or— Walter Gropius
Das Schweigen der Sirenen
The Impossible Mr. Mencken*
   and the Biographical
Paul Celan's Lovers and Muses: Poetry
   and the Biographical
Paul Tillich: The Idea of Faith
18th Century German Orientalism and the
   Works of Benedicte Naubert
Heinrich Heine and Berlin in the 1820's —
   The Budding Poet and the Theater Scene*
Brecht and the Bible: Mother Courage
   and her Children
Schiller's Stage Adaptation of Goethe's

Denotes an AGS Oktoberfest Event